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MessaggioInviato: 13 novembre 2020, 17:16
"A few weeks ago, VOACAP Online for Ham Radio ( was moved to a new web platform, and this change forced me to re-factor the majority of the code in the back-end", Jari, OH6BG says. "I have now completed this task, and continuously fine-tuning it, but I am pleased to inform that the coverage area maps and point-to-point prediction graphs are now much cleaner & neater than before, using a different mapping library.
In addition, most of the codebase has been optimized and hopefully is more Robust than ever. Especially the Propagation Planner, the propagation planning tool for HF contests (e.g. CQWW) & DXpeditions, should now be faster and also, as a bonus, offers the predicted values as CSV files for a more detailed analysis. All the same changes have also been implemented on the site of the VOACAP DX Charts,
VOACAP Online for Ham Radio is a free HF propagation prediction service for the global ham community, running for more than ten years now, with integrations to the DX Summit and Club Log sites, for example. No registration required, no tracking on the site by Google Analytics, no ads on the pages, and no subscription fee for the service. Follow and subscribe to the latest VOACAP developments on Twitter:".