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CEPT discusses amateur radio matters

Jun 11, 2020 - Spectrum - Don, G3BJ

The Frequency Management Working Group (WGFM) of CEPT, holding its 96th meeting virtually this week, dealt with several amateur radio matters.

The European Common Allocation Table (ECA) has been reviewed, resulting in a revised version for consultation with stakeholders. IARU was able to amend the 241 – 250 GHz band entry to correct some errors. The state of the band 50 – 52 MHz band in CEPT countries was also updated to take account of WRC-19 decisions.

Last year Ukraine requested that it be included in CEPT ECC Recommendation T/R 61 – 02 which is the recommendation which defines the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC). This was agreed.

Romania had contacted the FMWG Chairman concerning the possibility of introducing electronic licensing for amateur radio operators. This has been passed to CEPT’s Radio Amateur Forum Group (RAFG) for further discussion and possible action.

The meeting also discussed the way ahead on developing a regulatory framework for WPT and agreed that WGSE should continue to study the full range of WPT applications and emissions and that no regulatory steps would be taken until that work is complete.

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