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Online farewell gathering for JH1AJT

Dear friends of JH1AJT Yasuo Zorro Miyazawa

As I have informed you, our Honorary Chairman Yasuo Miyazawa (Zorro), founder of SEISA Group, passed away on March 23 this year.

We are going to hold an online farewell gathering, inviting those who had a close relationship with Honorary Chairman Yasuo Miyazawa to join us to reflect on his achievements and to continue his legacy into the future. (Because of the rapid re-spread of COVID-19 in Japan, the event will be held online only)

Website will be open from 10:00 (Japan standard time) on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 until 23:59 on Sunday, July 31, 2022. Please access the web page and fill in the required information, then it will be able to enter and watch the memorial videos, etc.,

We hope that you will have time to join the ceremony on our website.

Best regards,

Yosuke ISHII
Secretarial Office of SEISA Group
IK0ZCW Alberto Devitofrancesco Presidente C.I.S.A.R. sezione di Roma IQ0HB - -



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