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HAMChallenge 2023: and the winners are?

Aug 31, 2023 - Shaping The Future - Lisa, PA2LS


After careful consideration and review of all submissions, the judging committee came to a final decision:

Winner Challenge #1 – HAVE FUN, GO ‘HAM’
Dora HA7DR and Marton HA7MA. Teamlead Rajmund HA2UF

This is a fun amateur radio card game, for every age. The goal of the game is to be the first player to construct your own amateur radio station by collecting all six items. These items are necessary to make your debut as HAM operator.
Watch the movie for the full rules of this game:

You can easily start using this game at home, or at any other youth event. Rules and cards are available to print out.

Winner Challenge #2 – SPB144, a Special Beacon Project on 144 MHz
Mathias DH4FAJ and Andreas DJ5AR

Mathias and Andreas presented their idea SPB144:

For many decades radio amateurs are fascinated by the large variety of propagation modes in the 144 MHz band. From tropospheric ducting to different kinds of ionospheric reflections and combinations out of it so much is possible. The invention of digital modes and software defined radio equipment led to contacts, we only could dream about in the past. Experiences with a Synchronized Beacon Project in the 50 MHz band led to the idea to introduce a Special Beacon Project in the 144 MHz band to explore propagation modes on special paths with setups of beacons using digital modes and a net of automated receivers, monitoring 24⁄7 and uploading any receptions of interest to public available servers in the internet. This opens the potential for systematic analysis and citizen science.

Want to know more? The full application of Mathias and Andreas is available

Andreas DJ5AR and Mathias DH4FAJ

The judging committee has decided to give a special prize to Robert DJ4FF, for his efforts in developing his submissions for challenge #2.
Congratulations to all winners!

More about HAMChallenge 2023

Within HAMChallenge IARU R1 is looking for cool ideas or projects which you think is part of the future of amateur radio. Amateur Radio is about fun, radio communications, technology, experimentation, self-training, and friendship.
Everyone got the chance to come with a game-changing idea, which increases awareness of amateur radio. In this year’s challenge, 2 categories were opened up

*the judging committee decided to only award the top candidates, the submissions with potential to make a significant contribution to the future of amateur radio
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