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23cm band report ITU‑R M.2532 published.

Nov 3, 2023 - Spectrum - Barry, G4SJH


As a part of the preparatory process for WRC-23 agenda item 9.1 topic b) involving the 23cm band, ITU‑R Report M.2532 has just been published. This report encapsulates the outcome of resolves 1 of ITU‑R Resolution 774 that requires a detailed review of the different systems and applications used by the amateur and amateur satellite services in the 23cm band. The review forms a part of the basis for the studies required by resolves 2 to address the amateur and amateur satellite services coexistence with the radio navigation satellite service (RNSS).

The report M.2532 can be found here

The publication represents a positive outcome from a great deal of work and committment by the IARU volunteer team that has been central to its development since 2019 in ITU‑R Study Group 5.
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